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The Ice Rink Piné Stadium is located in Baselga di Piné at an altitude of 1.000 m. a.s.l., in the eastern part of Trentino, on a beautiful plateau surrounded by great mountain scenery.

Description of the Venue

During Winter, the outdoor rink becomes an Olympic artificial track, home of numerous European and World Cup for speed skating on ice.

In the structure there are dressing rooms, massages room, first aid, bar, meeting rooms, fitness center, guest rooms, and outdoor parking.

Venue Technical Information

The ice stadium consists of:

  • A 30 x 60 m indoor track accessible all year round (open from June to the end of March) with 1.800 places to seat.
  • An artificially frozen outside rink for Long Track Speed Skating on ice (open from November to end of March) and for roller skating (from May to the end of September). The Ice Rink has a linear development of 400 meters with an inner curve radius of 26 meters. The width of each competition lane is 4 meters, the width of inside warming-up lane is 4 meters.

Ice Rink Piné

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