FISU competition uniform guideline

Competition Uniforms
2016 FISU World University Speed Skating Championship – Baselga di Pine, Italy
The skaters of the same national Team must wear identical uniforms while within the premises of the arena or ice track during the whole period of the Championships or competition including official practice sessions, which clearly identify their country, with a design.
The NUSFs have the obligation to submit the design of the team uniform (skin suit, warming up jacket and zipper trousers) to the FISU for approval.
The racing uniforms and the warming-up uniforms may show the name of the Skater.

Competitors’ names or FISU Member Federation: The skaters may display on their clothing and on technical equipment their own name and the name and/or logo of their FISU Member Federation and/or official ISU Member country abbreviation with the maximum size of 45 cm2.

Country name: The racing and warm-up suits of the Skaters must display the name of the country (letters of minimum 5 cm and maximum 15 cm high). The country name or abbreviation shall be placed on the back of the upper body.
Manufacturer identification: One manufacturer’s trademark may appear on each piece of equipment and clothing. Skin suits are considered as two pieces; one piece upper body and one piece lower body. Skates are considered as consisting of 6 pieces namely 2 boots and 2 blades and a construction for connecting the blade to the boot.
The manufacturer’s trademarks shall reflect standard commercial practices and not exceed 20 cm2 per piece of equipment, with the following exceptions: two manufacturer’s trademarks with a maximum of 6 cm2 each are permitted per item for glasses, headgear and set of gloves maximum.
Advertising space: The skaters may display on their person and their clothing, advertising markings, trademarks, logos or other distinguishing signs (hereafter called “markings”) that do not refer to tobacco and alcohol in the competition area, in the television interview area and during the award ceremonies.

  • The total maximum surface area of all markings (excluding manufacturer trademarks) on clothing shall not exceed 650 cm2;
  • The maximum number of markings shall not exceed 6 on the clothing on the upper body (above the waist including arms) and 2 on the clothing on the lower body (below the waist) and shall be dignified;
  • The maximum surface area for a single marking is 45 cm2 for the upper body and 30 cm2 on the cap for Speed Skating;
  • The maximum surface area for a single advertising marking on the lower body is 250 cm2; and
  • No markings other than manufacturer’s trademarks as stated below are allowed on the technical equipment such as skates/boots, glasses, gloves, shin guards, headgear, helmets (without covers).

Armbands and helmet covers are not considered as technical equipment. Markings of maximum 30 cm2 per armband or helmet cover may be authorized by the organizing Member.

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